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Releasing your child for adoption may be a tough alternative to consider. Seeking updated information about adoption will be extremely important in making a planned, unhurried decision. The adoption laws have changed drastically in the past few years and are now far more "biological mother and father friendly".

New ways of adoption are available, so don't make your decision without thoroughly exploring the adoption option. Adoption is NOT what people tend to say about it, i.e. that you are a bad mother or a selfish person who cannot take responsibility for your deeds. Adoption is the ultimate expression of motherly love.

Seven misconceptions about adoption:

You place your baby's life and future above your own: you can choose to give birth to your baby, but because of your circumstances, make a decision to give your baby the best that you can find: a loving mother AND father who have been screened by accredited social workers who have established that they can provide in a wonderful way for your baby's emotional, physical, financial and spiritual needs.

Your baby will know that you loved him/her SO much that you have made the most unselfish decision you will probably make in your entire life. So, if adoptions are done in such a positive way, to what extent does it involve the birth mother?

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