Born to Care was founded as a Pregnancy Crisis Centre affiliated under Africa Cares For Life on 29 February 2008. We did not have a centre or an office and very little to work with, except a handful of volunteers filled with the desire to do God's work in Delmas by helping people in our community who were faced with a crisis pregnancy. These individuals, armed merely with a cellphone and the training they had received, would receive calls from clients and make appointments to meet for a counselling wherever they could. In amongst these random and spontaneous locations were the steps of the Bernice Samuel Hospital, a local church or even a bench under a tree in a park.

Our mission was to reach out with truth and love to people with needs related to sexuality, unplanned pregnancy and post abortion trauma through providing emotional and spiritual support, caring counsel, practical assistance and accurate information, 100% free of charge and strictly confidential.


  Pregnancy Crisis Centre
  Orphaned and Vulnerable Children
  School Ministry
  Hospital Ministry
  Born 2 Live Project

Our Ministry grew rapidly by the grace of God and the generosity of our community and soon we were able to move into our first office in the beginning of 2011. Our office became the heart of our operations and from here we progressed to seeing clients consistently more regular until we later moved our office to our current location in the "city centre" of Delmas, where we are more visible and have walk-in clients.

As at the beginning of 2012, we had seen 162 clients and have had 43 babies that would otherwise have been aborted, born as a result of our counselling. We had support teams active in our local government hospital, annual programmes being run in the schools and numerous upliftment projects being run in our community. However, despite our successes, we still felt the frustration of facing ongoing unmet needs in our community that our centre simply wasn't equipped to serve or deal with. These frustrations and God's wonderful insight, lead us to extend our vision and launch our Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Project whereby we care for and provide basic needs to the orphaned and vulnerable children in our community, who are the most at risk in becoming one of our clients faced with a crisis pregnancy in their future. The project operates by sending out care givers into our community to "take care" of families, assess their needs and through partner networks in our community we strive to provide these so called "OVC" with the needs that we are able to meet.

We can now, in a holistic manner, endeavour to bring transformation in the greater Delmas community by reaching out and tending to the children, especially the orphaned and vulnerable, and help shape the future of our community.

About Us

We are a Christian non-profit organisation dedicated to uplifting the greater Delmas community

Contact Information

  • Phone: 073 643 1357
    Fax: 086 273 7681
  • E-mail: info@born2care.co.za
  • Christian Social Council
    (Welfare Offices)
    on the Corner of 4th Avenue and 6th Street,
    Delmas, Mpumalanga