Born 2 Care gives back to their supporters for their 4th Birthday!

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On the 29th of February Born 2 Care turned 4 years old and decided to give back to our greatest supporters in our community of Delmas, to say a special thank you in person and reconnect.

We visited the hospital, doctors and clinics in Delmas as well as the many organisations who contribute in so many ways and support us continually. We presented all the staff with cupcakes to say thank you and give a little in return to show how much we appreciate all the blessings we receive so generously!

Thank you, Delmas community, and all in it who have held our hand through our growing years and raised our little centre to a full FOUR years old!
A big thank you too to all the ladies who baked so many scrumptious cupcakes, we can promise you that they were enjoyed by all!

We also presented the first baby boy and girl born at the hospital on the 29th with a special hamper, as a special “From me to you” birthday present.

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We are a Christian non-profit organisation dedicated to uplifting the greater Delmas community

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