Pretty Girl Project gives teenage girls in our community their dignity back

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During the initial assessment of our community for our OVC Project we recognised a shocking and very real problem:

teenage girls are selling their bodies for basic toiletries!

In an attempt to prevent this from continuing, we launched our Pretty Girl Project where we collect toiletries and distribute them to needy girls on a continual basis. This initiative teaches girls to value themselves and their bodies and build "Temples for God".

ABOVE: The contents of each Pretty Girl Packet

Since launching, we received nearly 300 names of girls in need from the schools in our community and after a month since launching, we received toiletries for 314 packets!

Thank you to everyone in the community for your amazing support!

As a result of this amazing support for the community, we were able to go to the schools to meet the girls, distribute the packets to the girls for the first time and explain how the project is going to proceed. We also took advantage of this opportunity to talk to the girls, get to know them and remind them that there are many people willing to help them and restore their dignity.

This is, however, an on-going project and we need toiletries every month.

Could you donate approximately R35's worth of toiletries such as sanitary towels (Stayfree with wings), a bar of soap, deodorant,
toothpaste, etc. to support this initiative?

Below are a few photos of our team handing out the Pretty Girl Packets to the girls:

ABOVE: Thabile made sure the girls understood the facts about the development of an unborn baby

ABOVE: The girls at Arbor receiving their packets

ABOVE: The girls at Botleng Secondary School receiving their packets

ABOVE: The girls at Sizuzile receiving their packets

ABOVE: The girls at Sizofunda minutes before receiving their packets

ABOVE: The girls at Khangela were creative in presenting their packets

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