Amazing adoption victory for Born 2 Care

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28 March was a day of an amazing victory at Born to Care for the Community!!!

One of our counsellors, Susan, met a strongly abortion-minded client towards the end of 2013 and through God's grace the client decided after the counselling that she would rather gift her baby to a loving home through adoption rather than kill her child.

A beautiful little baby girl was born on the 13th of March at Bernice Samuel Hospital in Delmas by this client and she left her there as she was suffering with the struggles of wanting to give her baby away and becoming attached.

Over the following 2 weeks, Born 2 Care's volunteers communicated with the social workers to finalise the adoption and helped feed, bath and love baby Precious, named by Gail Geldenhuys who spent the most time caring for her in the hospital. On the 28th of March the social worker came with Baby Precious' new parents to fetch her from the hospital and take her to her new loving home! The new parents have now named the little girl Susan after our counsellor Susan Van Eeden!

ABOVE: The wonderful nursing staff to great care of the baby

ABOVE: We had to feed the baby by syringe because the hospital is a bottle free hospital

ABOVE: Born to Care's youngest volunteer, Jean-Marie spending some "quality time" with the baby

ABOVE: Volunteers Gail Geldenhuys (left) and Tanya Killian (right) took turns in caring for the baby at the hospital

ABOVE: Gail and Susan Van Eeden (right) after whom the baby was eventually named

ABOVE: The proud adoptive parents with their new baby girl

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