Born 2 Care visits the Hospital School in Pretoria

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ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: The principle of the Hospital School, Bern Bigwood, Gail Geldenhuys and Susan Van Eeden

During the beginning of June this year three members of Born To Care , Susan Van Eeden, Gail Geldenhuys and Bern Bigwood were privileged to visit The Tuition Centre For Pregnant Learners at the Hospital School in Pretoria.

The Hospital School is a bona fide school under the jurisdiction of the Gauteng Department of Education and tuition is offered through the medium of English and Afrikaans tuition to all learners. The school is situated on the premises of the Steve Biko Hospital.

The School comprises of three main units which operate on different campuses. The three units consist of The Steve Biko Hospital, the Tshwane District Hospital and the Tshwane Rehabilitation Hospital as well as 1 Military Hospital. All school going patients receive tuition and especially cancer patients, children who have received heart surgery or who have been involved in serious motor car or shooting accidents, or who suffer from a serious degree of burns and have to be absent from school for long periods of time.

The Psychiatric Unit which is based at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital. Learners in Grade 1 - 12 with psychiatric problems, amongst whom are learners who attempted to commit suicide, rape victims and children who have been abused or molested, are taught here. In this unit the school focuses strongly on therapeutic tuition.

The Tuition Centre for Pregnant Learners is a high school in which girls from grade 7-12 are taught. The mission of this unit is to enable the girls to complete their school careers and so not to become a burden on society. This school endeavours to break the poverty spiral and to establish a change in lifestyle. Tragically victims of rape and child abuse also form an increasingly large number of these learners.

Learners are admitted on a daily basis. The mainstream curriculum is followed. It is the mission of the Hospital School to offer quality education and social upliftment to the disadvantaged and traumatised learners in the community and to equip them to lead a useful life after their discharge.

The Hospital School relies on donations from organizations like The Storehouse and Individuals to function and to give their students the best education they can offer. The Hospital School offers Life Orientation, Arts and Craft and Self Defence lessons together with the usual school curriculum.


Die een les wat ek in my lewe geleer het, is dat God eerste in jou lewe kom en dat jy nie jou probleme ander sin moet maak nie. Jy moet na God toe gaan.
Ek het ook geleer dat God jou nooit los nie en dat, as jy bid, jy nie nootwendig sal ontvang nie, maar dat God dit op die regte tyd sal stuur. Tydens my verblyf by Berg-En-Dal het ek dit uitgevind.
Dis nie dat ek nie die Here Jesus geken het nie. Dis net toe ek Berg-en-Dal toe kom, is my lewe verander deur God. Ek het God beter leer ken en my band met God het net al hoe sterker en sterker geword noudat ek en God 'n pa-en-dogter verhouding het. Ek vertrou God nou meer as ooit en ek weet Hy is lief vir my.
Jy moet nooit dink dat God nie jou gebed verhoor nie want dit is nie waar nie. Hy hoor jou gebede, elke woord, en as jy iets gedoen wil hê en jy vra, sal God dit laat gebeur op die regte tyd en die regte plek.
Veronica Van Wyk - Gr 8

"Die Hospitaal Skool Pretoria is nie net nog 'n skool nie, dis a plek waar jy liefde en meer ondervinding kry. My tyd by die Hospitaalskool was amazing. Ek het adademies beter begin doen en ek het geleer hoe om op my skoolwerk te konsentreer. Ek wil baie dankie sê aan al my gr. 9 onderwysers. Mag julle baie geseën word in die volgende paar jaar wat voorlê. En 'n groot dank aan ons skoolhoof vir al haar bydraes tot die skool.
Geseënde Kersfees en Voorspoed vir 2014
XOXOXO Tonne liefde

"In the midst of my life's journey I discovered what I believe is the formula for all womankind, not only to obtain eternal salvation but also to experience the fulfilment of God's plan and purpose in our lives. If you confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. I experienced that life is a journey and it takes you many places and into different situations. This school gave me hope that I can still prove myself to not only my parents but also to people who thought I'm a let-down. Hospital School Pretoria is such a great school!!"
Shamaine Mokonyane - Gr 9

We all have dreams, we have visions, we plan, we create, we think without knowing what the future might really hold.
We all have dreams, but there's always one dream that you think: this is what I want. And with this dream you make plans. You start to create your whole life around this dream. You don't think that it might not work out, you just think of one day. Whether your dream is to be a world famous rock star, or if your dream is to travel the seven seas, you stay determined to conquer your dreams. You work hard for that dream and spend hours a day thinking of it.
At a point in everybody's life we realize that life isn't about what could be but what is at the moment. Because in ten years your dream might have changed and you see that things don't always go according to plan. You then sit and dream about what could have been if only you did that. In between all these thoughts you are busy killing yourself with the word "WHAT IF".
I sit here thinking of how different my life could have been if only I did things differently. I realize that I don't control my life. I'm not the one who plans my path. I don't choose which road to take.
I never thought this day would come so soon. That I would be the one holding a baby in my arms at the age of 17. My dreams weren't crushed, my dreams just changed. All of a sudden reality is even better than my dreams.
Abigail Morris - Gr. 12

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