Resources and Links

Throughout the years we at Born 2 Care have put together an invuluable base of resources and built a wide network of partners who can assist and provide further information that can be access and used in a pregnancy crisis or related situation.

These resources and links found below can be used for everyone and anyone in need.


Pregnancy Crisis Help and Centres
   Africa Cares for Life :
   Heartbeat International :
   Abba Adoptions :
   Born 2 Care in Heidelburg :
   Neobirth in Pretoria :

Honest information on abortion
     Stages and development of pregnancy
This beautiful site shows the development of your baby, facts about life before birth and even sound clips on your baby's heartbeat!
  Your decision concerning abortion

Information on abstinence
   Cool Virginity
Abstinence Clearinghouse

Support after an abortion
   Ramah International
Why Hurt


Right click on the link, "Save Target As..."
   What does God say about abortion?
An Afrikaans story on Adoption out of "Vrouekeur"

Watch these videos online
  "Sex STILL has a price tag" - Pam Stenzel
Youtube - Pam Stenzel
International speaker and author who LOVES THIS GENERATION and BELIEVES they are going to ROCK THE WORLD!!
  "Wait for me" - Rebecca St James
Youtube - Rebecca St. James
Australian born Rebecca St. James is an Grammy Award Winning Christian Artist. This is her inspiring song about waiting

Do you have any questions that are not covered in the resources on this page?

Please contact us with your query and we'll send you any further information we can provide.

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