Whitney's Kiss Competition

Each year Born 2 Care runs the Whitney's Kiss Competition in the schools in the greater Delmas community.
The students are encouraged to read the book published by Voices in Africa which tells the story of a young girl in South Africa and her struggles as she is faced with the dangers of sex before marriage, STD's and HIV/AIDS headon!

The book is a wonderful tool making children aware of the dangers of sex before marriage and promotes abstinence!


See your school's Life Skills Educator and ask her about our Whitney's Kiss Competition. If your school is enrolled in the year's competition with us, she'll provide you with the Whitney's Kiss Book which you must read and answer the simple question at the end and give your details to the educator when you hand her the book back.
At the end of the second term the competition will close and during the holidays we will choose the winners!
There are great prizes to be won!
So speak to your educator and make sure your school is running our competition!

Click on any of the links below to see the winners of our competition for each school for the respective years:
    2014's Winners
    2013's Winners
    2012's Winners
    2011's Winners
    2010's Winners

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